Simon: 11 months

Look at me, I’m on it!

Just like that, Simon is now a month away from his first birthday. At the quilt shop today I decided on a whim to go ahead and pick out a fabric for his 12 month shoot as well. So this is it, I now have all 12 designs that are going to eventually become a quilt and pillows for Simon’s bed, when he is big enough to have one. It will probably take me that long to make it, considering I’ve never made a quilt, let alone used a sewing machine, in my entire life >___<

So! Simon is 11 months and he is FULL SPEED AHEAD! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is safe! Hide your cords, hide your coffee mugs, hide your trash cans! He is a crafty little dude that will manipulate his surroundings to get what he wants, and what he wants is everything he can’t have. JOY! He also is learning “no” and let me tell you, he doesn’t like it. If you take something away from him without replacing it with something cooler he will give you the biggest pout and fake cry of your life. Oh lord help us. His toddler personality is already shining through.

His goal is to pull himself up on anything, regardless if it has a lip that he can grab. He constantly tries to pull himself up on the side of the oven even though there is absolutely nothing to hang on to. It’s super entertaining to watch πŸ˜€ He pulls himself up on the couch, the coffee table (which he can easily tip over), the baby gates to his room and the dog’s room, the dining room chairs, his walker, his moose rocker, the rocking chair, his crib, his high chair. He’s pretty damn proud of himself too whenever he does it! The awesome thing about this new milestone is that he has quickly learned how to sit himself back down from being in a standing position. There have only been a handful of times where he was “stuck” standing, one of those times being at 1:15 in the morning after fussing for 10 minutes. I finally went in to find him standing, holding onto the crib and staring right at me, even though I’m 90% sure he was asleep. Oh the fun of being a parent! I’ve heard of the horrors of some babies not figuring out how to come back down from standing for weeks and need help every time they get up. Fortunately beebs has figured it out on his own without a lot of help. Has he perfected the art of pulling to stand? Heck no. Just the other day he pulled himself up onto the coffee table to get Matt’s phone. He picked it up with one hand, then thought it was a good idea to use his other hand as well. His knees buckled and he in turn slammed his head into the edge of the table, resulting in a bloody lip. Oh well! He is learning. I try not to intervene too much unless he’s really gotten himself into a pickle. Everyone says he will be standing on his own and taking a few steps within a month. We shall see!


He is still rocking the world of solid food. There is finally, after 5 months of solid food adventures, one food that he has flat out refused to eat. I thought our kid’s taste buds were broken. I mean c’mon, you like EVERYTHING? This week I bought a ripe mango and cut it up to put on top of his yogurt to send to daycare. When I cut it I offered him a few pieces, which he spit out. Daycare reported that he also refused for them. I guess it could be worse things than mango, but still! It was so juicy and ripe! Can’t win em all πŸ™‚


Other new fun things this month include getting him a new car seat (thanks, Nahnie!), no more baby bucket seat for our giant guy. He seems to like the new one, but Matt and I are still getting used to it. We also received an amazing early birthday gift from my cousins that we have already used a few times: an Osprey hiking baby carrier. It’s SO AWESOME.


Grampy and Gigi (Matt’s father and stepmom) also visited this month from North Carolina and Simon had a great time with them. We went on a hike to Seawall Beach and enjoyed a few bbqs and play sessions here at our house. It was great to see them, and in just a month we will be flying down to visit them in the Outer Banks!

We have decided on a party for Simon and are working on invites and planning. I still can’t believe in just a few weeks our guy will be 1. How did this happen?!


and his 11 month pics, as sweet as ever!





Simon: 10 months

We’ve now reached double digits!

It makes me a little sad to think that we only have to pick out two more patterns of fabric for his photos since we only have 2 months left before he turns ONE! People have already asked us if we’ve begun planning his party..yikes! Thankfully I’ve been on Pinterest for awhile now pinning ideas here and there to get an idea of what we’re going to do. Considering it’s all about the adults anyways when the kid is this young, we’re planning on a laid back BBQ with outdoor games (corn hole, disc golf etc) and praying for a nice sunny day, like the day we brought him home. More on that later, we don’t want to rush time!

Some milestones for month 10:

Simon now has 4 teeth! His top left tooth came in a few weeks ago and his top right just came in a few days shy of the 10 month mark. The more teeth to chomp with!

Naps! While this has been going on for a while now, I have forgotten to mention that we finally have Simon on a solid nap schedule. For the first 8 months of his life we just let him nap whenever, wherever. Now he has figured out a set time for snoozing during the day. He’s always been a good napper, and now he sleeps for two solid naps a day, one from around 8:30-10:30 and another from around 2-3:30.

Along with naps we are happy to report that SIMON NOW SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! It only took 10 months! While we did a bit of sleep training off and on since 7 months he has continued to wake at least once a night for a night feed. Not anymore! We slowly phased out the 9PM and 2AM feeds, so he now goes 11-12 hours a night, YES. We put him down every night between 6-7pm and he wakes up between 5-6am. While some nights he coughs himself awake, it’s only for a few minutes. We haven’t needed to go check on him in over 2 weeks. Sweet, sweet sleep! Of course my body is still not used to this new schedule, I find myself wide awake at least once a night, usually around 2am when I usually got up to nurse him. I’m hoping after a few more weeks I will adjust and finally sleep through the night as well πŸ˜‰

We know that any disruption in the schedule might mess up the current set up, but we are basking in these nights while they last, and hopefully they will continue!

Simon’s favorite things this month: clapping his hands together when he’s excited (paddy cake paddy cake!), giving high 5’s, playing peekaboo, having a blanket thrown on his head and pulled quickly off, and chasing the dogs around the house. He’s quite the active little man!



Simon: 9 months

I guess I should get going on writing this post since he will be 10 months on Friday! I obviously don’t do a great job with updating this blog, but at least I’ve managed to take his photos on the 15th of every month, so I have that going for me!

Simon is so many superlatives: a spitfire, spunky, mobile, HUNGRY, but most of all happy happy happy.

We are full swing into solids, and this kid is a TANK. He puts away so much food it’s no wonder he’s now 95th percentile in weight! It must be said that he’s also 90th percentile in height, which is awesome. The doctor loves to see proportional percentiles! He is now wearing 12-18 month AND 18-24 month clothes depending on the brand and fit. Now that he’s super active though we are noticing a thinning out, so he’ll most likely be in these sizes for awhile longer, he is just simply one big kid! To think that he didn’t gain any weight for the first two weeks of his life and was in preemie outfits..looking at his chunky cheeks (and arms, and legs!) now it’s hard to believe that he used to have skin hanging from his elbows.

He eats three meals a day, as well as milk and formula. He has dropped a few bottles as he is consuming a lot of calories in solids. His biggest meal is lunchtime at daycare. I pack him a bento box full of assorted food.


A typical lunch: mashed avocado, whole milk yogurt with chopped watermelon and a mixture of meat, veggies and carbs (chicken or ham, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potato, brown rice, small pieces of pasta etc). He also loves apple sauce, and I always pack puffs or Cheerios.

The pictures below:

  1. gnawing on his spoon (his top teeth are coming in!) while enjoying peas, carrots, corn and chicken
  2. Β patiently waiting for breakfast at the Freeport Cafe! He got a treat: scrambled eggs, home fries and hash cut into small pieces
  3. homemade banana oatmeal pancakes for Simon!

Besides the eating, the biggest milestone this month has been the jump from rolling around the room to army crawling. He has perfected the art and can get clear across our house in a matter of seconds. He is FAST! Of course he is attracted to electrical cords like a bear to honey, and while we have baby proofed we still have our computer plugged in occasionally and he beelines it to the cords every chance he has!

While he lifts up his core and it looks like he is going to crawl on his hands and knees, he hasn’t quite figured that out yet. He is so efficient with the army crawl that he might not ever crawl on his hands and knees. We’re still working on it. He is much more interested in standing, so his doctor thinks he will probably just move on to walking from this point..gah!

See what I mean?! If you put him in a standing position he will hold on and stand and play for minutes at a time.

Here are his 9 month photos, as well as his stats.


and because everyone loves a comparison collage (and 9 pictures fit nicely into a 3X3 square), here are all of his monthly photos so far:

monthbymonthincredible, isn’t it?!


7 month photoshoot

Simon’s awesome photographer who took his newborn and Christmas pics wanted him back in the studio when he was able to sit unassisted. We were hoping he would be able to sit for his Christmas photos but since we did them in November he wasn’t quite ready and so she wasn’t able to get the shots she wanted. We are in LOVE with the Christmas pics, but being a perfectionist she begged us to come back when he was able to sit for yet another shoot (free of charge!!). She is simply AMAZING. We are in love with everything she does and cannot recommend her enough. While we obviously weren’t planning on a 7 month shoot, it happened and we are excited to share his newest professional pics!



We even got a perfect picture to use for a Valentine’s card for our immediate family, complete with kisses from mama πŸ˜‰


and last but not least, a reel of Simon’s silly faces πŸ˜€


Simon: 8 months

a few weeks late but a lot has happened!

We have had quite a month, with lots of ups and downs–including a trip to the Emergency Room for our little man!


Simon cut his first two teeth! He now has his two bottom “teefs” as Matt likes to call them, and he loves to use them to gnaw on just about everything. It’s amazing how much two teeth can hurt when he’s sucking your face! πŸ˜€ While I am going to miss those big toothless smiles, he is pretty stinkin’ cute with those new, (sharp!) pearly whites.

He has also become quite the little eater. While he didn’t used to eat anything at daycare, he now eats his largest meal there! We’ve also introduced a few finger foods which he is doing really well with. While he still mostly gnaws on sweet potato fries and teething wafers and then spits them out, he’s slowly ingesting more and more. We’ve introduced dairy in the form of whole milk regular and greek yogurt and he loves it when it’s mixed with a fruit or veggie puree. I’ve also made chicken and veggie purees and so far he’s not a huge fan of meat but we’ll get there. His favorites lately have been frozen mandarin oranges in his mesh feeder, and yogurt mixed with fruit (mango, berries, banana etc).

While he’s not crawling yet, I would say that he has become more mobile! He has learned to roll his way across the room, and he can scoot forwards and backwards when a toy is just out of reach. He is also super strong and can stand and brace himself on our coffee table and play for minutes at a time (while I spot him from behind πŸ˜‰ ) No longer can I sit him down in one corner of the room and expect him to still be there a few minutes later! Often I find he has rolled his way across the living room to play under the coffee table or against the TV stand (that is now baby proofed and secure, thanks Matt!).

This kid, even when super sick, is HAPPY. He is a giggler and still flashes that signature Simon smile at anyone who will glance his way! We are blessed with an outgoing, happy-go-lucky baby. His favorite activities include chasing the dogs in his walker (he is FAST now and can turn himself out of every corner!), knocking blocks over and laughing hysterically, swinging in the baby swing at daycare, being outside, and dancing with mom or dad in the dining room.


We had a rough few weeks in the beginning of February. Simon was very sick for a week, with labored breathing, wheezing, difficulty sleeping, refusing to nurse etc. After a trip to the doctor he was diagnosed with a double ear infection and bronchiolitis. While the antibiotics helped his ears, his labored breathing continued and the next morning we noticed he was sucking in at his ribs (a sign to call the doctor) so I spoke with the nurse on call and she suggested going to the ER and not waiting for our doctor’s office to open. We went in to Maine Medical and after a few hours of monitoring we were able to get him to drink a few ounces from a bottle and the doctors agreed that he would do better recovering at home than being admitted and being monitored at the hospital, where germs are everywhere. We felt very lucky since we knew other friends whose babies were admitted for RSV, a respiratory virus that Simon most likely had but not bad enough to be admitted for a feeding tube and monitoring. Regardless, it was a terrible week. We took turns sleeping in the recliner with him to keep him upright since he couldn’t breath. He had fevers off and on, and he was just miserable. We got through it though, only to have both Matt and I get horrendously sick from food poisoning a few weeks later..I am just so happy it wasn’t at the same time as Simon’s sickness!

Because he spent a week sleeping on us, his sleep training in his crib went out the window. We knew we would have to re-train him after an illness and while we have to some extent he hasn’t gone back to sleeping the entire night like before. He’s getting better though, and we’ll keep working at it. He is still a champ at going down for the night and for naps, so there’s that!


Phew! Well here are his 8 month pics and stats.


mistake: “twirling MY hands and feet when I’m excited” πŸ˜€

January Fun

The snow is finally here! We had a glorious mild early winter, but now it’s all systems go. The dogs are happy happy happy, winter being their favorite season. The second Mora hits the powder she is off, running in frantic crazy circles and taunting her siblings to play. They were built for snow!

Simon has also been enjoying the snow. I didn’t think he would appreciate the cold, but he didn’t seem to mind it! He even fell face first into the snow and got a little bit of it on his face and he didn’t even wince.

the big Sleep move

It was a month in the making, but this past Thursday we made the move. Well, Simon made the move, that is. He is now across the house sound asleep in his own room in his own crib as I write this πŸ™‚

Our goal was to start moving Simon into his own space at the 6 month mark. That is when the risk of SIDS decreases drastically and so we felt more comfortable having him in our room until then. In terms of any kind of sleep training, they also recommend not starting until around 6 months. By the time December rolled around, I was SO ready. He had been waking up at least 4 times a night, most nights more, for months. He was stuck in a cycle of waking up in between every REM cycle and the only thing that could put him back to sleep was to comfort nurse. I was starting to lose my mind! Only getting 5-6 hours of sleep broken up into 1-2 hour increments is anything but healthy.

While I was ready, he wasn’t. He was suffering from cold after cold, was learning how to sit (a huge milestone), and teething off and on. We didn’t think it would be fair to move him when he was feeling so crappy.

What we DID do until he was ready was to practice during naps and for the initial sleep at night. We started a routine: bath, jammies, bottle or nursing in the dark, on our bed with the noise machine on. We both laid with him and we sing and hum until he is done and drowsy. Then we put him in his pack n play and stayed in the room until he fell asleep, shushing off and on if needed. He learned within a few tries to put himself to sleep within minutes, which was promising!

I also started putting him down for naps in his crib to get him used to his new sleeping space. It went better than I thought it would, I think because he spends a lot of time in his room playing so he’s comfortable.

The weekend we planned on moving him he came down with a terrible 24 hour stomach bug, the sickest he’s been yet! It was awful, but we got through it. We obviously didn’t want to start then and spent the weekend snuggled with him any chance we got.

This past Thursday we were ready. We went through the same routine only in his room: bottle in the rocking chair and singing and shushing. We got him a super comfortable sleep sack and a turtle that lights starry constellations on the ceiling as a night light. Along with the white noise machine it was quite a cozy set up!

He fell asleep quickly, which we thought he would. The problem hasn’t been the initial put down, but the middle of the night wakings!

The first night, as they always say, was a rough one. While it was tough, it wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be. He went down without a peep (after singing all 5 verses of Amazing Grace 5 times!) and he didn’t wake until midnight or so. After that, of course, is when he was super fussy. He never full on screamed, but he tired fussed for awhile off and on. We checked on him a few times and comforted him by talking quietly to him and shushing him, like he is used to. The second night we only had to check on him once (!) and although he still woke up a bunch of times he was able to get himself back to sleep within minutes. After that, we were full systems ahead and the nights have continued to get better and better. He falls asleep sometime between 5:30-7pm and has stayed in his crib until 5-7am with usually only one or two wakes ups! Considering I was used to getting up and nursing him every 2 hours all night this is an AMAZING change.

He has learned to self soothe, and the biggest way he does that is by turning onto his side. It usually triggers him to fall back asleep. He doesn’t take a pacifier and while he chews on his hands it’s more for teething, not sucking, so he doesn’t have those things as comforters. The side lie is it, and it makes perfect sense since when I used to nurse him at night I would side lie nurse with him in bed. πŸ™‚

So sweet, sweet success! Of course my body is still not used to the change. I am still waking up off and on throughout the night, so it will take me a while to adjust. Last night Simon went down at 7 and didn’t make a peep until 3AM! I was up a few times before then, expecting to hear him crying, but the house was completely silent πŸ™‚

We are so proud of our boy and so happy that he now has his own, quiet space to sleep soundly! He used to toss and turn with every squeak of our bed or shake of a dog’s collar, so this is awesome for him. While it’s strange not having him in our room, it’s nice to not have to whisper!