Simon: 11 months

Look at me, I’m on it!

Just like that, Simon is now a month away from his first birthday. At the quilt shop today I decided on a whim to go ahead and pick out a fabric for his 12 month shoot as well. So this is it, I now have all 12 designs that are going to eventually become a quilt and pillows for Simon’s bed, when he is big enough to have one. It will probably take me that long to make it, considering I’ve never made a quilt, let alone used a sewing machine, in my entire life >___<

So! Simon is 11 months and he is FULL SPEED AHEAD! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is safe! Hide your cords, hide your coffee mugs, hide your trash cans! He is a crafty little dude that will manipulate his surroundings to get what he wants, and what he wants is everything he can’t have. JOY! He also is learning “no” and let me tell you, he doesn’t like it. If you take something away from him without replacing it with something cooler he will give you the biggest pout and fake cry of your life. Oh lord help us. His toddler personality is already shining through.

His goal is to pull himself up on anything, regardless if it has a lip that he can grab. He constantly tries to pull himself up on the side of the oven even though there is absolutely nothing to hang on to. It’s super entertaining to watch 😀 He pulls himself up on the couch, the coffee table (which he can easily tip over), the baby gates to his room and the dog’s room, the dining room chairs, his walker, his moose rocker, the rocking chair, his crib, his high chair. He’s pretty damn proud of himself too whenever he does it! The awesome thing about this new milestone is that he has quickly learned how to sit himself back down from being in a standing position. There have only been a handful of times where he was “stuck” standing, one of those times being at 1:15 in the morning after fussing for 10 minutes. I finally went in to find him standing, holding onto the crib and staring right at me, even though I’m 90% sure he was asleep. Oh the fun of being a parent! I’ve heard of the horrors of some babies not figuring out how to come back down from standing for weeks and need help every time they get up. Fortunately beebs has figured it out on his own without a lot of help. Has he perfected the art of pulling to stand? Heck no. Just the other day he pulled himself up onto the coffee table to get Matt’s phone. He picked it up with one hand, then thought it was a good idea to use his other hand as well. His knees buckled and he in turn slammed his head into the edge of the table, resulting in a bloody lip. Oh well! He is learning. I try not to intervene too much unless he’s really gotten himself into a pickle. Everyone says he will be standing on his own and taking a few steps within a month. We shall see!


He is still rocking the world of solid food. There is finally, after 5 months of solid food adventures, one food that he has flat out refused to eat. I thought our kid’s taste buds were broken. I mean c’mon, you like EVERYTHING? This week I bought a ripe mango and cut it up to put on top of his yogurt to send to daycare. When I cut it I offered him a few pieces, which he spit out. Daycare reported that he also refused for them. I guess it could be worse things than mango, but still! It was so juicy and ripe! Can’t win em all 🙂


Other new fun things this month include getting him a new car seat (thanks, Nahnie!), no more baby bucket seat for our giant guy. He seems to like the new one, but Matt and I are still getting used to it. We also received an amazing early birthday gift from my cousins that we have already used a few times: an Osprey hiking baby carrier. It’s SO AWESOME.


Grampy and Gigi (Matt’s father and stepmom) also visited this month from North Carolina and Simon had a great time with them. We went on a hike to Seawall Beach and enjoyed a few bbqs and play sessions here at our house. It was great to see them, and in just a month we will be flying down to visit them in the Outer Banks!

We have decided on a party for Simon and are working on invites and planning. I still can’t believe in just a few weeks our guy will be 1. How did this happen?!


and his 11 month pics, as sweet as ever!






One thought on “Simon: 11 months

  1. Linda Ferreira

    Great review if 11 months.  BTW, I’m not big on mangoes either. Wait ’till he is running from you. What will slow him down? It is so exciting to read of his physical and mental prowess.   Maybe he can help you with the sewing machine.(:Love,Great Aunt Linda


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